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Racing Fun Bounce House
Racing Fun Bounce House

Racing Fun Bounce House


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Circuits needed:


Item Dimensions:

14’4"L X 15’4"W X 12’8"H

Space Needed:

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  • Monster Truck 8 pc. Place SettingMonster Truck 8 pc. Place Setting

    Our Monster Truck 8 pc. Place Setting makes party preparation easy! Set includes: 8 Dinner Plates, 8 Cake Plates, 8 Cups, 16 Napkins, 1 Table Cover, 8 Forks, Spoons and 2 party streamers.  Depending on quantity, some patterns may vary.

Product Information:

Start your engines! Monster trucks, race cars and motorcycles set the stage for an exciting afternoon of activity. The Racing Fun bounce house is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

           Price: $149 Max. 6 hour rental
    Capacity: Up to 10 riders at once
Dimensions: 14’4"L X 15’4"W X 12’8"H

Professional delivery to Forest, VA, Lynchburg, VA and surrounding areas. Please submit a quote or contact us if you want to make sure we service your area.

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               Price: $250 Max. 6 hour rental
        Capacity: 1 rider per lane
    Dimensions: 30'L X 14.6'W X 14'H

  • Animal Kingdom (Toddlers 4 & under)Animal Kingdom (Toddlers 4 & under)

    NEW unit just for TODDLERS (4 & under)!!

    The Animal Kingdom (Toddler 4 & Under) Inflatable is perfectly designed with toddlers in mind. This inflatable provides a climb, a slide along with animal themed  pop-ups and obstacles that any toddler would love to play on.  The Animal Kingdom themed inflatable will provide hours of enjoyable fun for all your little party guest. This unit also has mesh windows and lower sides for easier viewing for the parents.  

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              Price: $325 Max. 6 hour rental 
    single rider
    40’ L x 17’ W x 18’ H

  • Martian AttackMartian Attack

    The Martian Attack  Interactive light challenge game will keep your party goers challenged and entertained as they compete against each other to get the most intergalactic lights before their opponent.   Fits nicely into a corner.  

    Multiple games can be selected such as "steal the light" &  "light hunter" and "back to base" challenges.  See who can hit their colored lights the most!  Keep score with our digital scorekeeper.  The Interactive Theme Sounds such as car sounds, farm sounds, animal sounds, etc... can be selected to enhance the competition as well.  

    This is recommended for kids 8 and under.

                Price: $149 Max. 6 hour rental
         Capacity: 2 players at once
    Dimensions: 6.5'L X 6.5'W X 6.5'H

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